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Advantages of CVT
Nov 22, 2016

1, since there is no automatic transmission gear, there would be no automatic transmission during shifting, the resulting shift frustrated sense fall away, CVT transmission power output is linear, very smooth in the actual driving.

2, CVT transmission gears can theoretically unlimited, gear set more liberal, traditional gear ratios in the transmission system, speed and balance performance, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, is much easier to achieve.

3, mechanical CVT transmission efficiency, oil province is much better than the ordinary automatic transmissions, second only to manual transmission gearbox, fuel economy is better than a good many. CVT transmission steel belt since there are so many benefits, why not let all the car using CVT gearbox? There are two factors: 1, compared to the traditional automatic gearbox, it cost slightly higher and improper operation of the problem more likely. 2, CVT transmissions still has its shortcomings, is the power of transmission steel belt to withstand limited, in general more than 2.8L or 280N · M-power is above its ceiling, but also saw an increasing number of models, have broken this limit, believe the steel problem can be solved step by step.

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