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Auto parts
Nov 22, 2016

Car accessories (auto parts) that make up the overall car of the various units and services to the automotive products.

With the automotive accessories market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, environmentally friendly people, and the continuous upgrading of technology and applications, international auto parts processing industry development in recent years showed the following characteristics:

① automotive parts processing systems, modular supply trend is on the rise

② auto parts sourcing globalization

③ automobile parts processing industry transfer speed 

A wide variety of automotive accessories, car brands more and more these days, car type and more. Cars can be divided into both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including passenger vehicle refers to the vehicle seat less than nine (including driver), for passenger motor vehicles as the main objective. In particular, the passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars, MPV cars and SUV models as well as other vehicles such as pickup trucks and so on.

Commercial vehicle refers to the vehicle seat is greater than nine (including driver) or loading of vehicles as the main objective. Concrete can be divided into: passenger cars, trucks, semi trailers, passenger cars not complete loading of vehicles, non-full car.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are consuming more and more cars and auto parts market has become more and more. Auto parts manufacturing plant in recent years also in rapid development.