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Correct identification of auto parts
Nov 22, 2016

Auto parts product selection any way? How to choose the most appropriate cost-effective auto parts, here to you, recommend the following tips to help you choose the best auto parts: brain drain should be returned.

1, see packaging genuine parts packaging specification, standard specifications, printed legible, and packaging printing cheap and fake products can often easily find flaws on the packaging;

2, see the color of certain original parts specified a color on the surface, if other colors, or fake spare parts;

3, looks genuine parts outside printing or photogravure and mark clear, formal, and counterfeit product appearance rough;

4, see paint dealers of used parts by simple processing, such as unpacking, repacking, fight, make up, painting and so on, pretending to be qualified to sell illegally obtained profits;

5, see the material texture of genuine parts is designed to require the use of certified materials, counterfeit products are mainly used in cheap inferior material substitution;

6, see the process inferior products are sometimes good, but due to poor manufacturing process, prone to cracks, sand and slag, burrs or scratches;

7, see "storing" auto parts if there is dryness, oxidation, color mirrors and the aging population problem, may be in-store environment, long storage time and material causes, such as;

8, see "engagement" If loosen, brake hose for clutch rivets degumming, electrical parts joints off welding seams, paper filter off and so on, is not in use;

9, see the identity portion of the regular parts marked with a certain mark, such as gear marks, tags at the top of the piston Assembly, such as when mark, to ensure the parts properly installed, no will not buy;

10, looks at the gaps in formal complete Assembly parts must be in good condition, to ensure smooth loading and functioning. Missing some parts of individual small parts, usually "parallel imports", which cause difficulties for loading. Often due to shortages of individual gadgets, causing the whole Assembly of parts scrapped;