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Nov 22, 2016

CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), direct translation is a continuously variable transmission, which is what we often say that the continuously variable transmission, by definition is not clear and concrete stalls, similar operation automatic transmission, but the ratio of changes different from the jump shift process of automatic transmission, but continuous, smooth because the power transmission.

CVT transmission system, traditional gears were replaced by a pair of pulleys and a steel belt, each wheel is actually made up of two v-shaped structure consisting of vertebral disc, engine shaft to connect the small pulley, through steel belt drive pulley. Mystery lies in this special pulley: CVT transmission pulley structure somewhat strange, into activities around two and a half, it was relatively close or detach. Taper disk under the hydraulic thrust to tighten or open, extruded steel chain to adjust the v-Groove width. When Cone moves inward when tightened, steel chain in the extrusion of cone outside the circle of (centrifuge) movement within the center point instead to the movement. In this way, disc diameter of steel chain drive, gear ratio is changed.