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Nov 22, 2016

Audi developed Multitronic is a continuously variable transmission, it incorporates a manual transmission dynamics and economics, as well as the convenience of automatic transmissions. Although Royal saloon stepless transmission, but it is not the same as in the CVT, it is Audi's innovative shift technology. Its v-shaped steel chain is a symbol of Audi multitronic continuously variable transmission technology.

Multitronic continuously variable transmission based on the original number of technical innovation, improving and improving, for example, called chip is installed in the transmission chain of transmission components, the components are able to deliver peak torque up to 280N • m power and control. Multiple pieces of chain with a greatly expanded application without transmission range, and the CVT gear ratios far exceed the previously automatic transmission gear ratio limits. In addition, the Multitronic also leverages multiple disc wet clutch replaced the previous traditional CVT and ordinary hydraulic torque converter of automatic transmission cars. Obvious advantages of this clutch is less energy consumption, faster.

Multitronic of electronic control system contains has DRP dynamic program, it can on driver stepped on Xia throttle pedal of way for assessment, to determine driver of intent is focused on power sex also is stressed economic sex; if stressed economic sex, dang speed low to 60km/h following Shi, gearbox will according to prior design good of to economic sex mainly of characteristics figure, through adjustable speed than, will engine of speed into into vehicles forward of power; if driver put throttle stepped on what, Would think that drivers ' to highlight the power of the program, it will immediately switch to the attributes used to drive and convert it into low gear, then even if the speed is very low, engine will output power required for high speed operation, improving acceleration. In normal driving conditions, it will select the most appropriate ratio between the two modes. Is different from the gear transmission automatic transmission, very smooth Multitronic ratio change, there is no sense of setback like a traditional automatic transmission.