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The dual-clutch
Nov 22, 2016

Because of the DCT and the 8-speed automatic transmission used in areas of different models, and therefore cannot compete, luxury cars, manufacturers will still use traditional hydraulic torque automatic transmission, because it can transmit more torque, accommodate larger displacement engines, acceleration due to large-displacement engine behind it, so you don't have to worry about dynamic response problems.

1. alter the speed of the car in a larger size and torque on the drive wheel size.

Due to the different driving conditions, requiring vehicle speed and driving torque can change within a wide range. Such as highway speed should be able to reach 100km/h, while in the urban areas, speed usually at around 50km/h. Empty when driving on straight roads, offers very little resistance, when loaded with the uphill, resistance is very large. Characteristics of automotive engine speed change is small, required torque range cannot meet the actual road conditions.

2. reverse drive

Automotive engine crankshafts is usually only turns in one direction, and sometimes needs to be back driving and, therefore, often set reverse gearbox Auto reverse drive.

3. the implementation gap

When the clutch, and transmission without output power. For example, driver in the engine does not turn off when releasing the clutch pedal out of the driver's seat.