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Transmission maintenance
Nov 22, 2016

Equipped with automatic transmission are more and more cars. With the automatic gearbox, people on foot between the throttle, brakes, complete the driver of the vehicle, is very easy. If the owner usually neglect the maintenance of automatic transmissions, delicate automatic transmissions are prone to failure.

Owner is usually the most neglected proper selection and replace the automatic transmission oil on time. In addition to the normal driving, but maintenance is the key to the correct "oil change." Should pay attention to is, you must use the manufacturer requires the use of the automatic transmission fluid (ATF), otherwise it may result in abnormal wear of automatic transmission. Replace the automatic transmission oil in a roadside shop or automotive beauty shops, because it is very strict. International automatic transmission has two series, two series of standard automatic gearbox oil, the two are not interchangeable and mix, will damage the transmission. Therefore, replace the automatic transmission fluid, the owner must go to special maintenance works or professional automatic transmission repair shop.

Normally, automatic transmission cars every 20000 to 25000 kilometres should be cleaned when serviced, or in case of transmission slipping, water temperature high, shift slow, system cleaning and maintenance at a time when the leakage.