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Transmission maintenance
Nov 22, 2016

Automatic car because roads in the city easy to open, their share is increasing, but automatic transmissions more "fragile", after many years of use, prone to malfunction. Automatic transmission repair is the most complex system in the vehicle repair. A new transmission at least tens of thousands of Yuan, more than 100,000 yuan. Because vehicle owners know very little about knowledge, small repair shops like some cheap automatic transmissions to deceive the owners. Some dealers are often from abroad in places like Guangzhou into some old cars or scrap the car's automatic transmission, paint refurbished low price sell to the Mainland after some repair shops, this refurbished gearbox in Hangzhou hang on the market, if not pay attention, can easily be used on their car.

In addition to refurbished gearboxes hoodwinked owners, maintenance costs of the transmission and relative chaos. Industry insiders said, as the replacement gearbox is very expensive, many consumers choose to repair, but the fact is, a lot of automatic transmission failure even the 4S shop is unable to repair. Because of the difficulty of repair and this one is blind to consumers, repair quotation of often random. Same problem here is 4000 Yuan, a change may become 8000 Yuan.

Reminder: the owners must have a large number of professional technicians and has a full set of original parts and tool repair shop to repair, to guarantee the quality of automatic transmission repair.