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Transmission maintenance tips
Nov 22, 2016

1. the cycle of master replacement automatic transmission oil.

Automatic transmission very sophisticated internal control bodies, with a small gap, so most automatic transmission oil change periods usually last for two years or 4~6 million km. In the course of normal use, transmission oil temperature is generally about 120 degrees, so its quality is very high, and must be kept clean. Secondly, the transmission oil use after long time produces oily dirt, might formed sludge, will increase the wear of the friction plates and components, but also system pressure, the power transfer was affected. Third, the dirty oil sludge will make the valve body valve body in poor, hydraulic control of the affected, allowing automatic transmission exception occurs. To check back often.

2. to replace the gearbox oil.

Good dynamic oil change oil change method, using the special gear cleaning equipment, transmission operation process, old oil recycling, emissions clean before adding a new gearbox oil so that oil change rate as high as 90 per cent, to ensure good oil change effects.

3. automatic transmission fluid level is normal.

Method of automatic transmission oil and engine oil are not the same, engine oil in cold condition check, transmission oil is needed to preheat the oil to 50 ℃, the gear lever in gear again for 2 seconds at the stop, normal oil dipstick should be located between the highest and lowest lines, such as not enough, time to add the same quality of oil