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Transmission principle
Nov 22, 2016

Manual transmissions consisted mainly of gears and shafts, transmission torque generated by the different gear combinations; automatic transmission AT is composed of hydraulic torque converter, Planetary gears and hydraulic control systems through hydraulic-transmission and gear combinations to achieve variable-speed torque.

Characteristics of hydraulic torque converter is AT most parts it consists of components such as pump, turbine and stator, directly enter the engine torque transmission and clutch. Pump and turbine is a combination of work, like their relative placement of two fans, an active fan blows wind can drive a passive fan blades rotate, the air-flow wind turbine into kinetic energy transfer medium.

If the kinetic energy of the liquid instead of air to deliver media, will drive the turbine to rotate through the liquid pump, pump and turbine inserted between stator to enhance liquid transfer efficiency. Due to the hydraulic torque converter automatic transmission torque range is not large enough and low efficiency.

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